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Investing through us relieves the headache of finding, renovating, and managing property, allowing high returns with zero effort. With an extensive property portfolio of 40+ properties and company assets of over £14,000,000, we understand the housing market. Due to the success Investment Street has acquired over the last 15+ years, we are able to security back your investments against our property portfolio, with guaranteed high returns of 10%.



Want to join forces and work together? Joint Venture could be the best option for you! In joint venture projects, we'll negotiate together each partner's stake and involvement, and then typically set up an SPV company together.

in a project

Investing in one of our projects is similar to a Joint Venture, except you don’t own the asset, instead you invest your money into a particular project we have. The returns vary depending on the project.

Become a private investor

Due to our successful strategy & high growth, we're able to promise high returns. The return is guaranteed & lasts for as long as you’d like. This is a popular option as it’s truly hands off & hassle free. Leave us to do the hard work!

Buy one of our HMOs

We’ve found the property, renovated it and tenanted it. Now we can sell it to you as a turn key investment. For the right price, we can part with our investment and hand it to you.

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